The Insight Space provides high-quality education, facilitation and training services based on the Three Principles understanding discovered by the late Sydney Banks.

This simple approach brings about rapid, gentle and sustainable change and is transforming lives throughout the world.

After a lifetime working in the field of natural health and inner transformation, these principles supplied the 'missing link' in my own understanding of how human beings function, what mental health is and how we can only appear to lose touch with the well-being within.

In truth, it can be obscured but never lost, and anyone can discover for themselves the innate wisdom, emotional and psychological freedom that is every person's birthright.

The principles guide you back to what is fundamentally true for all human beings. They reveal and confirm what you probably knew intuitively all along - you have everything you need on the inside already, and so does everyone else. The only variable is the degree to which you realize this fact through your own insightful understanding.

We have an ongoing programme of training courses and events in the U.K. and overseas. We also offer coaching, mentoring and consulting services to individuals, couples and organizations.

If you have any questions, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Ian Watson

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