The Journey To Wholeness

A Facilitator Training with a Difference

with Ian Watson & Carol Boroughs

Regent's University, London

*Next Programme Commences October 2019*

Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.
— Terry Pratchett

It has been an enormous pleasure to have co-hosted our Three Principles Facilitator Training together for the past five years, and to see how many of our graduates have gone on to do their own unique and amazing work in such a wide variety of settings.

Through this shared journey, in addition to our individual work in various fields, we felt inspired to create a new programme this year that would also draw on our mutual background in the healing arts and our extensive experience of the inner processes of psychological transformation and spiritual growth.

We have seen so many people benefit from glimpsing how their experience gets created through an insightful understanding of the principles. We have also witnessed the deep and sustainable healing that occurs when people realize their innate wholeness and intrinsic well-being.

Amazing teachings and experiences from two beautiful authentic souls. You helped me change my life beyond that which I could ever imagine, there are no words to express my gratitude.
— Debbie Walmsley

Insight can also bring forth new challenges, however. For some, the process of waking up to their true nature can be disorientating and unsettling. For others, it can give rise to inner conflicts regarding the spiritual nature and meaning of life versus the practical, day-to-day business of paying the bills, taking care of family members and generally keeping their house in order.

Another aspect of life that many on this journey find challenging is physical health and energy levels. Yes, we are spiritual beings in our deepest essence, but we also inhabit a unique, ever-changing physical form through which we must express our individuality. We are dynamic, energetic life-forms in constant evolution and must learn to listen deeply to our own inner wisdom in order to truly embody what we have come to understand.


It is also a common experience for travelers on the spiritual path to find ourselves thrown back into revisiting old patterns that we thought we had overcome, and it is tempting to revert to familiar 'solutions', even though we know deep down that we have outgrown them. We cannot continue to do what we have always done and expect it to work in the same way, nor can we mimic what seems to work for others and expect similar results. 

The journey to wholeness, then, is not so much a linear path but more of a spiraling circumnavigation that takes us from the deeply familiar to the edges of the unknown and back again. Each and every step on this lifelong journey is seen, with the wisdom of hindsight, to be exactly what was needed on our uniquely personal pathway towards individuation, and no experience is ever wasted when we learn how to recognize its value in the context of the whole.

Ian and Carol are truly wonderful. They have shown me how good life can be despite all it’s stresses. The best course of any kind that I have ever attended.
— Paul Grant

For us, the ongoing process of integration is a crucial yet often-overlooked aspect of insight-based learning and transformation. We don't just glimpse a new perspective and then carry on as before. Each time we grow in awareness, there is much to be let go of and more for us to embrace and integrate into our life, including those 'shadow' aspects that may have been ignored or rejected in the past. Wholeness is inclusive of all that we are, and can be, as spiritual beings in an embodied form.

Integration of spiritual knowledge means learning to live consciously in two dimensions simultaneously – the form and the formless.

It is not uncommon for people to catch sight of their true self and seek to rid themselves of, to deny or to ignore the “false” self. But we do so at our peril. Our individual self is spiritual – mind, body and soul. It is all in form, even though much of it is in subtle form, invisible to our senses. Yet it arises from the truly formless, from Truth, just as sound arises from silence. The physical and the spiritual are not separate. The inner self and the outer self are the same. Our journey back to wholeness is the healing we all seek in our human form.
— Carol Boroughs

Who is this Programme For?

Our intention is to create a sacred space within which your own journey to wholeness may unfold, and to encourage and nurture your healing and growth beyond what may currently seem possible. This programme is likely to be especially suitable for you if: -

  • You have experienced deep insight or transformation already and would like support in grounding and integrating your expanding awareness into your daily life

  • You are 'up against it' in some area of life and would like to gain a deeper understanding to help you move forward

  • You recognize the value of a shared journey with a supportive and like-minded peer group

  • You would like to more fully integrate body, mind and spirit so that all three are working in alignment with your growth in consciousness

  • You would like to share your understanding of the inside-out paradigm in a way that feels authentic and real

  • You would like to transform your work as a coach, therapist or educator so that it has a deeper impact and is more satisfying and rewarding

  • You are drawn to the deeper healing possibilities that arise through an embodied understanding of the Three Principles

Mostly, we recommend that you pay attention to your own inner knowing, and if the Journey to Wholeness has a resonance for you at this time, then it will most likely be appropriate for you. If you are unsure or have any questions at all, please email Ian and we can arrange a conversation to help you get clear.

Some of the key themes that we will explore together -

  • Who we are & what we are here for

  • The spiritual & energetic basis of life

  • The power of presence & present-moment awareness

  • Healing & integration of the psyche & the body

  • Listening - learning to listen for wisdom in ourselves, in others & beyond

  • Sharing - bringing your unique gifts out into the world

What is Different about our Training Programme?
We recognise that people have different motivations for participating in the programme, so we are not training people to be coaches or practitioners in a standardized way. We welcome people from all walks of life and encourage each individual to find their own unique way of learning, integrating and sharing their understanding with others. We love the diversity of backgrounds in our groups and are constantly amazed at the creative ways our graduates find to take their understanding out into the world.

Our experience has shown us that personal grounding (embodied understanding) is by far the most important factor that will determine your capacity to impact others in a way that is authentic and helpful. With sufficient grounding, it becomes clear what else might be needed in order to support your development as a facilitator, if that is what you wish to do. Without the grounding, it will seem as if all kinds of other 'add-ons' might be useful or necessary, and you will be plagued by a niggling sense of 'not knowing how to do it', 'not doing it right' or 'not being ready'.

Ian and Carol’s courses are truly wonderful. They are amazing teachers and I can’t recommend them enough.
— Zia Rampton

We will fully explore how you can share your understanding with others whether that is with family, friends, community groups or professional clients. However, this is not a training about how to become a coach or a therapist. The emphasis of our extended programme has always been to help each individual deepen their own understanding of how life works, and to take that understanding into the world in whatever form makes sense to them. For some, this leads to a natural desire to share with others in a professional role which this programme will support and empower, but if you prefer to attend purely for your own learning and growth, that's totally fine with us.

For those who would like extra support in becoming a professional facilitator, we can offer individual mentoring and/or practitioner development modules on an as-needed basis.

Every course I looked in to was appealing, but I had a deep knowing that this was the right course for me. Listening to that nugget of wisdom was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I feel such a deep gratitude to Ian and Carol for creating and holding such a special space for us to explore our understanding of the Three Principles. They embodied the Principles completely in their deft and compassionate facilitation, and their utter faith in OUR wisdom served as the most magical of mirrors...always pointing us back to our health.

This experiential training has enabled and empowered me to get out of my own way on so many levels.
— Alex Waters, Community Mental Health Worker and Three Principles Facilitator in Wales

The Journey to Wholeness programme is currently running at Regent's University in London.
Our next journey will commence with a new group in October 2019 - dates and further details will be added to this page soon.

We will also meet virtually via live webinar link between each of the weekends to maintain a connection and to reinforce and remind you of the direction in which we are headed.

Graduation group of 2018

Graduation group of 2018

Please note that we will not be offering a virtual or recorded version of this programme, as it is intended to be a live, dynamic and experiential journey with the kind of individual and group support that is only made possible through being together in the same physical space.

Programme Fee: The fee for the next programme will be confirmed shortly.

Terms and Conditions: Please read the Booking Terms and Cancellation Policy before proceeding with your application to join the programme.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone before proceeding - please send an email including your contact telephone number. If you have already decided that this programme is for you - click below and send the completed application form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs have a shared background in the fields of natural healing, spirituality and inner transformation, a lifelong journey that led us both to the Three Principles understanding, articulated by the late Sydney Banks. Learning the principles helped us to make better sense of what we already knew and enabled us to simplify our approach and facilitate deeper, more sustainable change for our clients and in our own lives.