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Czech Republic, A Return to Simplicity Retreat with Ian Watson

  • Lorien Nenacovice 80 Czech Republic (map)

A Return to Simplicity

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As the outer world becomes more fragmented and chaotic, it can begin to seem as if we have too many problems and not enough time. Yet in truth, we are only ever up against our own thought-created reality, both individually and collectively.

An understanding of the principles behind your psychological, emotional and spiritual experience of life puts you back in alignment with your intrinsic nature, and it does so gently and quickly, without any need to work on any issues or practice any techniques.

Once you realize how your experience of life is being created on the inside, you will find that you have choices available to you that you didn't know you had. Conflicts and complications will begin to dissolve, and you will discover how you can feel differently about yourself and your life, without anything outside of you needing to change.

A retreat is an opportunity to take a time-out, to relax your body and de-clutter your mind. This is much needed in our busy modern lives, but the effects are often short-lived and can 'wear off' rather quickly when we return to daily life. This is where an understanding of the Three Principles behind your experience comes in.

Unlike most other approaches that depend on will-power, remembering information or practicing techniques, the principles guide you back to the very source of your own experience and re-connect you to the well-being, peace of mind, clarity and creative power that you already possess. Once you gain some insight into your own true capacity, it's yours to keep, and it will set you in a new direction that is filled with hope and possibility.

Learning the principles is a joyous experience that doesn't require you to work on your problems or to go back into your past looking for answers. Instead, it sheds light on how all problems get created in the first place, and sets you free to find creative solutions, make new choices, and enjoy fulfilling your own true potential.

Limited places are available, please book early to be sure of a place.

Date: 20-22 January 2017

Arrival will be 5pm - 6pm on Friday 20th January. Departure will be around 4pm on Sunday 22nd January. The retreat will be held in English, with Czech translation for non-English speakers.

Venue: 'Lorien'
Nenacovice 80,
Czech Republic
(The venue is located about 25 minutes drive from Prague)

Cost: 4500 CZK. Price includes 2 nights dormitory-style accommodation in main hall with own sleeping bag, all vegetarian meals and refreshments prepared by a local chef.

Non-Residential Cost: 3900 CZK including lunch and refreshments only.

Booking: Payment can be made via Paypal with a credit or debit card using the button below. If you wish to pay via bank transfer or cash, please contact Libor Mostek Tel +420 603449346

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