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London, Evening Talk with Ian Watson and Susan Marmot

  • Friend’s Meeting House – Fry Room 8 Hop Gardens London, England, WC2N 4EH United Kingdom (map)

Who do you think you are and why does it matter?

Evening Talk in Central London hosted by Susan Marmot with guest speaker Ian Watson

22nd March 2017          7.30pm – 9.00pm


From an early age we begin to formulate ideas about ourselves which, over time, creates our personality or self-image, and it appears to be permanent, real and true. Everybody does it whether they mean to or not. What we often overlook is the way that we limit ourselves based on these ideas and the way we begin to believe these ideas are true. So even though our thoughts about ourselves can and do change, there are many we hold on to and abide by in a way that creates a limitation for ourselves. Are there things you think you cannot do well for some inbuilt reason?

In this talk we will be exploring what lies beyond our ideas about who we are, our thought-created personality. All the ideas and assumptions aside, what can we discover about our potentialthat we would otherwise overlook? What is the difference between what is possible for us and what we think is possible? We see the significance of this in schools for students that think they cannot begood in a certain subject. In what ways are we doing that in our adult lives?

Friend’s Meeting House – Fry Room
8 Hop Gardens
WC2N 4EH London
United Kingdom

Fee £5 on the door or book online here