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Milton Keynes Evening Talk - Ian Watson & Paula Lattimer

  • The Well at Willen Milton Keynes MK15 9AA United Kingdom (map)

Everything is Unfolding Perfectly

With Ian Watson & Paula Lattimer

How would it feel if nothing was wrong in your life? If nothing needed to change or get fixed in order for you to relax and be at peace?

It can be hard to imagine that such a possibility exists, because we are so used to associating how we feel on the inside with what our life looks like on the outside. We have been conditioned to believe that certain circumstances are inherently stressful – despite the fact that we all know people who seem to do well in exactly the same circumstances.

We have also been told that we need things like money, jobs or houses in order to feel secure. How is it then that many people have all these things and more, yet they still feel insecure most of the time?

We are living in a collective misunderstanding about where our feelings really come from, and the result is that we can never be truly satisfied and enjoy life to the full because we have this constant sense that something is missing, lacking or ‘not quite right’.

The Three Principles is a simple understanding about how your mind really works, and it guides you back to the very source of your own experience and re-connects you to the well-being, peace of mind, clarity and creative power that you already possess.

Once you see for yourself that you can be okay on the inside no matter what, then you are free to get creative and have the kind of life experience you have always dreamed of.

Join Ian Watson and Paula Lattimer for this introductory talk and we will show you how a simple shift in your understanding of life changes absolutely everything.

Cost: £15 includes refreshments

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Enquiries - contact Paula Lattimer tel 07901 846216