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London ARH Conference Presentation - Ian Watson

  • St Mary Abbots Centre London W8 4HN (map)

Insight - The Key to Healing

A Talk to be given by Ian Watson

Around the year 1790, Samuel Hahnemann had a profound insight that was to change the course of his life and give rise to the creation of a new science of healing based on the principle of similars. A subsequent insight into the way that poisons could be rendered harmless whilst their medicinal properties were simultaneously enhanced was to solve the biggest problem in pharmacology in one fell swoop.

Insights such as these, when an individual sees beyond the limitations of currently-held views, have the potential to propel the entire race of humanity to another level of evolution, and they occur somewhat infrequently.

Yet the experience of insight is common to every human being, and is in fact the change-agent that enables each of us to grow and develop, to shake off the psychological ties that bind us and to help us to rediscover the well-being that we were born with.

In 1973, an ordinary working man named Sydney Banks had an extra-ordinary insight into the nature of human consciousness. What he realized has far-reaching implications for everyone involved in the healing arts, and the truth that he uncovered presents as big a challenge to the world of psychology as Hahnemann's discoveries presented to the world of medicine.

Ian Watson will be presenting this talk at the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths annual conference to be held in London on Saturday May 16th. He will be sharing how an understanding of the 'three principles' of Sydney Banks has transformed his own life and work during the past four years.

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