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Devon, Natural Wisdom programme with Ian Watson & Clare Tanner

  • Dartington Hall Dartington Devon (map)

Natural Wisdom

A Practical and Spiritual Journey Home

with Ian Watson & Clare Tanner

The magic and power of nature is that it can stop our busy mind in its tracks and bring us into the stillness and beauty of the moment.
— Clare Tanner

Our second journey of Natural Wisdom through the four seasons will commence with a new group in January 2019.

What is the Natural Wisdom Programme?

A gentle journey of discovery across the four seasons, exploring the principles that underpin our lives and pointing us back to our true nature as human beings. We will connect more deeply to our natural essence and explore our innate capacity to live peaceful, creative and fulfilled lives.

Understanding our interdependence with the whole of nature and our unique way of experiencing life as human beings, enables us to more easily navigate the ups and downs of life. The positive impact of taking the time to understand this more deeply results in an ease and balance in life that arises effortlessly as we rest more comfortably in our true nature - a feeling of being at home.

I’ve experienced a truly wondrous year and know my life will never be the same. Our last two days were special and really brought home the inter-connectedness of all things.
— Trudy Corsellis, Natural Wisdom Participant 2018

Who is it for?

This programme is open to everyone and will be of particular value and interest to those who are curious about exploring nature, psychology and spirituality in a practical way that enables you to:

• Increase your creativity & connect with your life's passion

• Resolve relationship difficulties effortlessly

• Relax and enjoy your life now, not in some imaginary future

• Release yourself from negative conditioning, old wounds and painful memories

• Quit struggling, striving, trying too hard & doing too much (have you noticed how unhelpful they are?)

• Increase efficiency & productivity - achieve more with less effort

• Let go of any destructive habits and behavioural patterns

• Breathe easier and eliminate stress by understanding how it gets created on the inside

Wow what a journey it has been. A wonderful experience with an ever deepening awareness and connection to nature and to you all.

Being steeped in nature and the Wisdom that brings is just the best tonic ever. Thank you so much Clare and Ian for having the insight to make this happen.
— Donna, Natural Wisdom Participant 2018

What will we learn?

During this year long personal development programme we will do as nature does……

Nature reminds us that life is good and has a magical way of evaporating our busy thoughts. It opens us up to the joy of being alive and a gratitude for all that it offers us in our experience of life and living.

The seasons reflect different aspects of our humanness and provide a rich seam of inspiration for our personal journey of exploration. We will use the cycles and seasons of nature as a framework to guide our time together and inspire a deeper connection to our own true nature.

The four seasonal two-day retreats will be woven around the following themes.....

Waking up to who we are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.
— Alan Watts


Our first two-day retreat together will take place in the winter, in the space before growth. This is the time for turning inwards and quiet curiosity, to become comfortable in the not-knowing and the stillness/nothingness that precedes creation and new life.

This is the perfect time to set our intentions together for the year ahead and make personal commitments to the things we would love to create and the old habits we want to leave behind. Taking our inspiration from the beauty and wisdom around us, including each other.

We will explore the spiritual and psychological principles that underpin how life works and create a foundational understanding for our journey together through the seasons. Taking time to connect to ourselves, each other and the beauty of nature.

We will explore how rest and rejuvenation is essential to the cycle of life, for the creation of new energy and how the ebb and flow from formless to form shapes our resilience. We will take a moment to pause in our own personal experience of nature and what this can teach us about ourselves.

This is the ideal time to just be present. To listen. To go deeper. The perfect practical space to prepare the ground for new projects, commitments and actions. This quiet place of creative incubation will bring us questions, ideas and thoughts that support our intentions. We can observe them and allow them to germinate in preparation for the new energy and green shoots of spring.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Even you.
— Anne Lamott


In our second retreat we will embrace the exuberant energy of spring-time, opening ourselves up to the possibilities beyond. This natural time of new growth reminds us of our own creative potential and our capacity to have new thoughts and ideas in any moment.

We will nurture our intentions and the ideas we have been quietly incubating over the winter months as we have rested and renewed. We can take action to give back to nature those things that have been getting in the way of us healing relationships, letting go of unhelpful habits or realizing our passions and creative projects. Taking the time to more deeply understand and harness our creative power and its presence in every moment.

Together we will nurture our new seedlings, ideas, insights and support each other into bringing them to fruition. Just as the plants and trees are interdependent, so are we. Harnessing our collective creative potential and the spirit that supports that growth, to birth our projects, heal relationships and accelerate our natural productive capacity.

Spring is natures way of saying - Lets party!
— Robin Williams


Our third retreat will be in the summer season of blue skies, exuberant colours and clear waters (hopefully!), where nature is in full bloom. For us gardeners it is a time to stand back and enjoy the fruits of our labour, alongside the ongoing watering and nurturing to keep the plants healthy and vibrant.

We will take time to connect with our true nature, in nature, and to take inspiration from the bountiful display surrounding us.

When plants are ready to bloom, they bloom - they don't hold back, saying 'we're not ready'! Nor do they make any unnecessary effort to come to fruition. When you're attuned to the rhythm of nature, life itself supplies the energy needed and takes care of the outcome.

We'll take time to acknowledge our gains, however small or large they may be, and to recognize the power of appreciation and gratitude for what we have been blessed to receive.

What a great experience it has been for me to be around you all as we seasonally dipped in and out of Dartington. What a space we created in which to reflect and reveal our collective wisdom. How wonderful to experience the space within to witness our insights and to feel the presence of such love.
— Michael Brown, Natural Wisdom Participant 2018



Finally, we will slow things down a little and create space for reflection and celebration.

As we come together we will celebrate our shared journey, take a look at the path we have traveled and reflect on the insights and collective wisdom that has contributed to our experience.

We can take all the learning, discoveries and observations and go forward into the next year armed with a new sense of clarity and both a spiritual and practical understanding of ourselves as human beings and our innate capacity for wisdom, peace and well-being.

Thank you to Clare and Ian and all the group for this last year of Natural Wisdom. Such richness, wisdom, acceptance and support for being human.
— Gail Minter, Natural Wisdom Participant 2018

We are nature. Being clear that there is an ebb and flow annually, seasonally and in every moment creates a certainty that we can navigate the undulations of life and harness its natural rhythms to support us to live, love and create our most fulfilling lives.

It is this wisdom, the wisdom of nature and our innate capacity to live a connected, creative and rich experience of life that this group programme will explore and celebrate.

Love is what is left when we let go of everything we don’t need.
— Eric Shiffman

Where and When?

Our journey together will be in the beautiful setting of Dartington Hall in Devon with lots of opportunity to explore the beauty of nature on the grounds of the estate.

Wholesome, locally-grown organic food is available at the Dartington Hall eateries. We will also have the joy of experiencing the beautiful gardens and estate in all the four seasons which will bring us closer to the nature of life and how this creates inspiration for our personal journey and hopes for the programme.

Programme Dates 2019

There will be four seasonal two-day retreats at Dartington Hall in Devon, to be held on the following dates:

24th - 25th January
4th - 5th April
27th - 28th June
3rd - 4th October

Fees: The cost of attendance is £1250 payable in advance, or £1400 if paid in 4 instalments.

Use the paypal button below to book and pay for the whole programme at the advance discount rate of £1250

Use the button below to pay a deposit of £400 and the balance by 4 instalments of £250 (Total payable £1400)

If you cannot make all of the dates or are unsure whether you wish to attend the whole programme at this stage, you are welcome to book and pay for the January retreat on a standalone basis.

Use the button below to book a place on the January 2019 retreat only - cost £350

Email Ian to request our bank details if you would prefer to pay via bank transfer

Refreshments, food and accommodation are available on site at Dartington Hall - click here for details. Please note these are not included in the course fee.

We have a shared love of nature and a passion for guiding people back to their innate wisdom, creativity and well-being.

Through collaboration and combining our interests and talents, this new programme has emerged organically as the perfect vehicle for us to co-create something together that we know will be deeply nourishing and transformational for both the participants and ourselves.

We look forward to welcoming you onto the programme.
— Ian Watson & Clare Tanner

Enquiries please contact Ian Watson or Clare Tanner