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El Gouna, Egypt Red Sea Retreat - Ian Watson

  • Fanadir Hotel El Gouna Egypt (map)

Coming Home to Yourself

A Four-Day Retreat in El Gouna with Ian Watson, in collaboration with Insight Counselling & Integrative Health

Inside of you, and at the core of every human being, there is peace of mind, wisdom, clarity, contentment and creativity.

Behind all your anxieties and insecurities, there lies a natural confidence, healthy self-esteem and a deep sense of meaning and purpose in life.

You have the innate capacity to love and be loved, to feel safe and secure and to recognize truth when you hear it.

You know what is right for you and what is not.

All of these gifts and more are yours already. You don’t have to earn them, or work on yourself to develop them.

If all of this is true - and it is - you might wonder why your daily experience can seem very different .....

  • Why does our confidence and contentment seem to come and go?
  • How do we end up feeling unloved, insecure and seem to lose our direction in life?
  • Where is that elusive creativity when we seem to need it the most?
  • How are we supposed to know what to do in the midst of confusion and conflict?
  • Why does life feel like such a struggle at times?

The answer is very simple, although not always obvious.

It has to do with the way our minds work, and the relationship between thought and feeling. You see, we can think anything, and whatever we think, we feel. Innocently, we have all learned to think about ourselves and others in ways that are not true. But they feel true, because thought always feels true, even when it isn’t.

The result is not that we lose any of our innate gifts, because that would be impossible - we simply lose sight of them. Erroneous thought patterns obscure our true nature without in any way diminishing it, just as clouds obscure the sun and yet have no real or lasting impact upon the solar power itself.

Here's the good news: you have everything you need already to live a happy and fulfilling life. Yes, you'll have your ups and downs - that's part of being human. But there's a place within you that is untouched by all of that, a place that you can always come back to and find peace of mind, no matter how bad things might seem on the outside. You're not lacking anything. Nothing needs to be fixed. Your true nature has only to be recognized and realized, and all the rest is taken care of.

El Gouna Retreat Group December 2015

El Gouna Retreat Group December 2015

Following the success of our previous three retreats in El Gouna with Ian, we are delighted to offer a further opportunity to immerse yourself in the life-changing understanding known as the Three Principles.

In a relaxed, small-group setting, Ian will share with you the ‘missing link’ that has transformed his own life and work, just as it has transformed the lives of countless people throughout the world.

Deceptively simple, these principles transcend traditional self-help and psychological methods, and enable you to realize the truth of the statement: What you seek lies within you. Whether you would like to find peace of mind, harmony in your relationships or a greater sense of ease and fulfillment in life, the key to happiness and inner peace is surprisingly simple, once you know where to look.

View of El Gouna Marina from Mosaique Hotel

View of El Gouna Marina from Mosaique Hotel

A retreat is an opportunity to take a time-out, to relax your body and de-clutter your mind. This is much needed in our busy modern lives, but if your inner consciousness has not been transformed, the effects will be short-lived and will seem to ‘wear off’ very quickly when you return to everyday life. This is where an understanding of the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness comes in.

Unlike most other approaches that depend on will-power, remembering information or practicing techniques, these principles guide you back to the very source of your own experience and re-connect you to the well-being, peace of mind, clarity and creative power that you already possess. 

The learning happens effortlessly via inner realization, and what you gain via your own insight is yours to keep. It will set you in a new direction that is filled with hope and possibility, and the benefits will continue to accrue over time in a sustainable way.

El Gouna Retreat Group December 2014

El Gouna Retreat Group December 2014

Learning the Principles is a hugely enjoyable experience that doesn’t require you to work on your problems or to go back into your past looking for answers. Instead, it sheds light on how all problems get created in the first place, and sets you free to find creative solutions, make new choices, and to move forward in life fulfilling your own true potential.

Join us for this four-day event in the beautiful Red Sea resort of El Gouna, which is just a half-hour drive from Hurghada international airport. There will be daily workshops with Ian together with plenty of free time to relax and enjoy the sea, sunshine and local hospitality.

El Gouna Retreat Group February 2015

El Gouna Retreat Group February 2015

We have secured special rates at the Fanadir & neighbouring Mosaique Hotels and you are welcome to bring family members along who are not participating in the retreat. You may also wish to extend your stay at the resort before and after the retreat.

Retreat Schedule

You will need to arrive at the venue in time for the first retreat session commencing at 4pm on the 16th October We will end the retreat at 1.30pm on the 19th October. If at all possible, we highly recommend extending your visit to El Gouna so you can relax fully, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and give yourself the best opportunity to absorb the beneficial impact of learning the Three Principles.


Sunday 16th October - Opening retreat session 4.00pm - 7.00pm

Monday 17th October - Retreat sessions 10.00am - 1.30pm & 5.00pm - 6.30pm

Tuesday 18th October - Retreat sessions 10.00am - 1.30pm & 5.00pm - 6.30pm

Wednesday 19th October - Closing retreat session 10.00am - 1.30pm

Fees & Bookings

The retreat fee is £520, and a special discount rate is available for those who have attended one of Ian's previous retreats in El Gouna (see below). To book and pay online - enter the number of places required in the shopping cart and you can then submit your card details securely. You do not need a Paypal account to use this service.

Use the button below to select the number of retreat places at the rate of £520 per person.

If you have attended one of Ian's previous El Gouna retreats, you are welcome to attend again at a special reduced rate of £375.

Use the button below to select the number of places at the special rate for returning delegates.

The retreat fee includes refreshments and snacks during the retreat, but does not include travel, accommodation or meals.

Should you prefer to pay by international bank transfer, please send an email requesting our bank details.

Accommodation is available at Fanadir or the neighbouring Mosaique hotels at special discounted rates for retreat participants - please contact Neveen Hashem for details.

Direct flights to Hurghada are available from the UK with Easyjet, Thomson & Monarch, or if you wish to combine your trip with a visit to Cairo and the pyramids, there are several daily flights between Hurghada and Cairo with Egypt Air.

All enquiries please email Ian Watson or Neveen Hashem

You can view the Booking Conditions & Cancellation Policy here

Tel (+) 012 068 171 76

Tel (+) 012 068 171 76