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Langley BC, Canada, Workshop - Ian Watson

Discovering a Deeper Wisdom Within

In 1973 an ordinary working man had an extraordinary spontaneous insight that changed his life forever. What Sydney Banks realized would, he said, one day transform the fields of psychology and psychiatry, bringing hope and the possibility of real, inner transformation to the whole of humanity.

Four decades later, the simple truth that Sydney Banks uncovered has begun to reach a wider audience and has already impacted the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Known as the Three Principles, we now have access to a simple understanding of the human mind that transcends the entire self-help and psychological fields. As such, it represents a new paradigm for mental and emotional well-being within which the results witnessed are beyond what is considered normal or even possible using traditional methods.

After a lifetime working in the healing and psychological field, these principles provided the missing link in my own understanding of how human suffering gets created, and how it can be effectively prevented and alleviated without creating dependency on techniques, practices or practitioners.

The Three Principles understanding reconnects people directly to their innate wisdom and well-being, by-passing the need to access past memories, analyze experiences or 'work on' perceived issues and problems. It is, quite simply, the most gentle, effective and sustainable approach for restoring and maintaining mental and emotional health that I have ever come across.

Whether you would like to bring this transformational understanding into your work with others or simply experience the beneficial impact in your own life, this workshop will provide you with a firm foundation.


We will be using the workshop space at Wisteria Acres, which is a beautiful retreat center just outside Fort Langley in British Columbia, Canada. It is run by my friend and colleague Krista Brown, who will be happy to introduce you to the team of wonderful horses that assist in her healing work.

There are a limited number of high-quality residential places available at Wisteria Acres if you would like to stay over during the workshop. Contact Krista for further information and to make a reservation. Alternatively, you are welcome to attend the workshop on a non-residential basis or source your own accommodation locally should you prefer.



The workshop sessions will take place as follows:

Friday 13th March: 2.00pm - 5.30pm

Saturday 14th March: 09.30am - 5.00pm

Sunday 15th March: 09.30am - 5.00pm

Fees & Bookings

The earlybird fee is $525CAD for bookings received no later than 14th February. After this date, the fee will be $625CAD. The fee includes refreshments but does not include meals or accommodation.

Use the button below to book and pay online with a debit or credit card. You will be redirected to Paypal's secure servers where you can safely enter your card details.

You can view the booking terms and Cancellation Policy here

Enquiries please contact Ian Watson or Krista Brown.