Learn How to Share the Revolutionary Understanding That Transforms Lives

Our Facilitator Training is the most in-depth programme we offer, and is designed to be both an educational as well as transformational journey for the participants whilst simultaneously equipping you with the grounding, skills and confidence to catalyse deep and lasting positive change in others. 

Whether you are new to the Three Principles or have been introduced to them already, our training will enable you to:

  • Gain an embodied (not just intellectual) understanding of the principles behind all psychological experience
  • Deepen the trust in your own inner wisdom, well-being & creativity
  • Effortlessly drop the limiting beliefs, emotional and behavioural patterns that no longer serve you
  • Transform difficult relationships & areas where you feel 'stuck' in life
  • Enjoy the support & encouragement of a wonderful peer group and community

If you would like to bring this revolutionary understanding into your work, or aspire to be a principles-based Coach, Therapist, Educator or Practitioner, we'll also help and support you to:

  • Make the transition to a principles-based practice
  • Feel confident in your own unique way of sharing your understanding with others
  • Simplify your work & increase your effectiveness & impact
  • Eliminate the stress & rediscover the enthusiasm & passion in your chosen field
  • Create powerful and sustainable results for your clients & students
facilitator training graduation day at regent's university

facilitator training graduation day at regent's university

This will be our eighth facilitator training in total and it is the fifth consecutive year that the training will take place at Regent's University in London.

Students have traveled from far and wide to participate in this unique programme and bring the life-changing potential of the principles back to their local communities as far afield as Egypt, Croatia, Finland, Bulgaria & the Czech Republic.

Who Is The Training Suitable For?
Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and life experiences, and the training is particularly suitable for:

  • Coaches, therapists & other helping professionals who would like to share this understanding with their clients
  • Musicians, writers, artists & other creative individuals who would like to free up their own creativity and help others to do the same for themselves
  • Mental health & social service professionals looking to transform their work environment & introduce principle-based programmes for their service-users & colleagues
  • Teachers & educators looking to bring well-being & resilience into the class-room and the staff room
  • Business leaders & managers who understand the importance of well-being in the workplace
  • Parents who would like to have an easier, stress-free relationship with their children

We also welcome students from all walks of life who have witnessed the transformational power of the principles for themselves and are eager to dive deeper, as well as those who have an intellectual grasp of the principles but have yet to experience a deep and lasting impact in their lives. 

I could never have begun to imagine the ways in which it would impact on my life, both professionally and personally. The training has been truly life-changing for me and as such is priceless.
— Paula Lattimer, Homeopath & 3 Principles Facilitator specialising in autistic spectrum disorders - www.paulalattimerhomeopath.co.uk

Life Transitions
We often find that people come across the principles at a time of transition, or that a period of transition ensues as a result of the insights gained through learning these principles. It's natural to experience fears, doubts and uncertainties during life transitions, and we provide a nurturing and supportive environment that will help you to get re-oriented as the 'old you' falls away and your true, authentic self begins to emerge.

Elizabeth Lovius, author, speaker and leadership coach based in Spain and the UK talks about her experience of The Insight Space Three Principles Facilitator Training Programme.

It could be that you already work in a helping, teaching, leadership or consulting capacity and have realized, as we did, that bringing an understanding of the principles into your existing field will take your work and your results to a whole new level. On the other hand, you might be looking to embark upon a completely new career path as a principles-based educator, coach or consultant, working with groups, organizations, couples or individuals.

Whatever your particular area of interest, we will do our utmost to support you in deepening your grounding & sharing your understanding in a way that is congruent with who you are and that reflects your own personal vision of where you can see it making a positive impact in the lives of others. We will also assist you with the practical aspects of creating a sustainable principle-based business if that is part of what would you like to achieve.

If you feel drawn to taking this journey but are not sure whether it will be suitable for you, email Ian and he will be happy to set up a call to answer any questions you might have.

Because the principles provide a foundation for human potential that is universal, there is literally no area of life where they could not have a beneficial impact. This is why learning how to share the principles effectively is such an exciting journey to embark upon. The possibilities are limitless, and connecting with the deeper intelligence within yourself to find creative ways to help others wake up to their true potential is a uniquely challenging and rewarding occupation.

I have gradually found myself sharing the principles in a more comfortable and impactful way in a range of formats, such as coaching and with small groups. A by-product of deepening of my understanding is being recruited to lead two large scale mental health service transformation projects working at a significantly higher level in the health service.

For me, the Principles make life make sense and this training has been the fast track to a grounding that fills me with possibility and a listening that lights the way.
— Andy Smith, NHS Health Services Manager & 3 Principles Facilitator - www.3punlimited.com

What is different about the Insight Space training?
Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs share an extensive background in training and professional education and are able to draw on many years experience of 'what works' in a teaching setting where insight-based learning and personal transformation of the participants is the main criteria.

We like to create a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere in which participants are encouraged and empowered to find their own way of understanding and sharing the principles, and to gain in confidence and experience as part of a highly motivated and enthusiastic peer group. Ours is not a coaching or therapy training (although we welcome coaches and therapists who wish to transform their work!), nor do we have a template for what form your work should take. There is literally no limit in terms of where your understanding could be of service to the world, and we encourage you to go beyond what you currently think is possible.

Within the Three Principles community, you will find that different teachers tend to emphasize different facets of the principles in ways that can sometimes appear confusing or contradictory. Some will point towards the logic and scientific nature of the principles, while others will give more credence to the 'feeling' or intuitive recognition of inner truth that lies beyond any kind of rational understanding.

At The Insight Space we embrace both perspectives, and will encourage you to look beyond all forms, brands and descriptions so that you can come to your own insightful understanding and develop your own unique way of expressing it and sharing it with others.

We keep the group sizes small (maximum around 20) so that we can get to know everyone individually, and we don't offer any kind of virtual or live-streaming option for this training as we believe there is really no substitute for being in the room, learning and sharing together during the attendance weekends. 

We set the course fees at a level that we believe reflects the value of the programme whilst aiming to have the training be affordable for the majority of those who wish to participate. 

Every member of our training and mentoring team has transitioned their work to be entirely principles-based, such has been the impact of this understanding on our personal and professional lives. We believe passionately that Three Principles facilitators have a significant and valuable role to play in transforming human consciousness, and we would love to help you create your own version of what is undoubtedly 'the most wonderful job in the world'. 

Lastly, we endeavour to honour the spiritual dimension of the principles, which we feel is at the heart of this wonderful gift that Sydney Banks brought to the world. Our experience has shown us that the human, spiritual and material realms are inseparable and we'll encourage you to embrace and integrate all three aspects so that you are not just learning about the principles but consciously living from the principles.

This training has for me been totally liberating, freeing and an inspiration. I’m now having the enjoyment of sharing this simple truth through the running of retreats and with my music colleagues and pupils.
— Chris Caldwell, Professional Musician & 3 Principles Facilitator - www.leadingedgeretreats.com

How will this training help me in my work as a Coach, Therapist or Health Practitioner?
Ian and Carol both came to the principles via a background as practitioners of holistic health & natural well-being, and we can speak from first-hand experience how an understanding of the principles will bring many benefits to your work, including:

  • Eliminating feelings of stress, overwhelm, over-responsibility & burnout 
  • Truly empowering your clients by pointing them back to their own wisdom & well-being
  • Satisfaction from knowing that your work is helping people in a deep and sustainable way
  • Freedom from the need to analyze or delve into people's past experiences in order to help them
  • Gaining the support of the worldwide Three Principles community
  • Growing your practice organically through positive impact, education & referral

If you don't already have an existing client base or obvious 'target audience', the way it usually unfolds is something like this: as your own grounding in the principles deepens, your consciousness will shift and your life will begin to transform in positive ways. As people notice the changes in you, some will get curious and invite you to share what you have been learning. As a result of you sharing authentically from your own experience, others will get impacted, and the positive ripples of that impact will be felt and noticed by family members, friends and work colleagues.

Because deep down everyone is searching for the same thing on the inside, when people see the shifts that have occurred for you and can feel the depth of your understanding, they will quite naturally become interested in what you have to offer, without you needing to do a 'hard sell' or persuasive marketing effort. It often happens that our graduates find themselves creating a principles-based practice of some kind without really trying to do so. 

You know how to create a space that allows for the deepest level of transformation yet in the most relaxed, fun and loving way possible. Ian and Carol simply walk their talk, demonstrating the effortless nature of life whilst being extremely professional, efficient and present for each and every one of us.
— Delphine Fresia, Healer, Homeopath & 3 Principles Facilitator - www.lifefromwithin.co.uk
Delphine Lyttleton.jpg

Can I join the training even though I'm not sure I want to be a facilitator?
Yes, absolutely. Although many of those who join our training are looking towards establishing their own principles-based practices, there are lots of other ways in which the training can be helpful and impactful. For some, the transformation that takes place in their own personal life and family relationships makes the journey worthwhile in itself. Other people discover (often to their surprise) that their existing role or workplace is in fact an ideal setting in which to begin sharing the principles, and there is no need to move on and start a new career. In yet other cases, opportunities arise 'out of the blue' and people find themselves being invited to share their understanding in environments they would never have previously considered.

In some ways it is an advantage not to be too certain about the outcome and to remain open to the unknown, because there is a high likelihood that you will begin to see new possibilities for yourself that literally did not seem to exist in your world beforehand. Being guided by your own wisdom and assisted by the falling away of limiting thought patterns, it will become increasingly clear to you where to best put your energies in order to fulfil your own true potential. 

Does this have any relevance for somebody in the Business World?
Most definitely. In this period of enormous global transformation, businesses have to be increasingly adaptable and comfortable with rapid change in order to thrive amidst challenging conditions. Forward-thinking business leaders know that people are the most valuable asset available to them. Learning how the human operating system works enables managers and staff members alike to embrace change without stress, enhance employee and customer relations, find deeper enjoyment and satisfaction at work and thereby increase productivity and efficiency.

Ian Watson has been sharing the principles in a corporate setting for the past four years and Carol Boroughs draws on her extensive background as a human resources director & consultant in offering customised principles-based programmes for business leaders and executives. 

I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to Ian and Carol for the compassion, skill, inspiration, wisdom and understanding with which they held our journey on this year’s facilitator training.

My wisdom led me to the right teachers. Ian and Carol compliment each other so well - and they truly embody the Three Principles understanding.
— Alex Waters, Community Mental Health Worker & 3 Principles Facilitator in Swansea - www.3principleswales.com

How is this Understanding Helpful in Education?
Ian Watson has been involved in a number of projects bringing the Three Principles into schools, and it is a joy to see the positive impact upon the children, their teachers and parents alike. The benefits include:

  • Helping children regain healthy self-esteem, confidence & emotional resilience
  • Reducing common behavioural issues at source such as self-harm, bullying & eating disorders 
  • Rediscovering the joy of learning & teaching in a healthy classroom environment
  • Improving mutual understanding, listening & communication amongst staff, pupils & parents

What is Different About Learning & Sharing the Principles?
There are several crucial differences between learning and sharing the principles versus other kinds of learning and teaching.

First of all, the understanding that the principles point towards cannot be grasped with the intellect, no matter how hard we try. It can, however, be realized within each of us via our own insights. Fortunately, everyone is capable of insightful realization, but it is something that we can only allow to happen, not something we can make happen through will power or analysis.

If you have ever lost your keys, struggled to remember where you left them, let go of trying to figure it out and then had a sudden ‘ah ha’ moment of realization, you have already experienced how insight works!

When it comes to sharing the principles, it really is an education in the deepest sense of the word - the origin of the word educate means to lead out or draw forth that which is latent within. Unlike most other subjects which are taught by a body of knowledge being imparted from teacher to student, the principles are an intrinsic part of every human on the planet, and we are simply helping people to uncover the wisdom, well-being and creativity available to them on the inside.

Two years already - wow! To the Insight Space, Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs, I am so grateful for such a wonderful training.

Becoming a 3 Principles facilitator has changed my life and it has helped so many already! Thank you.
— Carolina Gallardo Barker, Fitness Coach & 3 Principles Facilitator in English & Spanish - www.back2beingyou.co.uk

How Does the Training Take Place?
Our trainings comprise a blend of attendance weekends, group webinars and individual one-to-one mentoring sessions. As the training progresses, participants who wish to practice professionally are encouraged and supported in hosting sessions with their own individual clients or groups to gain practical experience and confidence in sharing the principles.

We also have a private facebook group where students can interact with and learn from facilitators and graduates from the previous trainings.

Your own personal grounding in the principles is the single most important element, whether your primary motivation is to learn the principles for yourself or to help others as a principles-based practitioner. The initial part of the training will provide that essential foundation for you, whilst the latter part will emphasize the practical aspects of sharing the principles with others, including:

  • Listening beyond the words
  • Individualizing your approach
  • Teaching classes & groups
  • Helping people to see the relevance of the principles
  • Confident communication of what you know to be true
  • Creating a principles-based practice

Who are the trainers?
Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs are the trainers on the London programme, and have co-hosted this training for the past four years. We love working together and learning from each other, and our students appreciate the differing and complementary perspectives and teaching styles we both bring. If you'd like to get a feel for how our work has transformed since we came across the principles, we've recorded a conversation on this topic which you can find on the Video Resources page.

We have additional facilitators who provide individual mentoring and support for our students - you can find them on the Our Team page.

We also invite experienced professionals from the wider Three Principles community to share their expertise during our Facilitator Training webinars. Our past webinar guests have included Judith Sedgeman, Chip and Jan Chipman, Cathy Casey, John El Mokadem and Chantal Burns.

Will I receive a Qualification?
On successful completion of all of the training modules and fulfillment of the graduation criteria, participants will be awarded a Three Principles Facilitator Certificate and can add their details to our Facilitator Directory. What really qualifies us to do this work, of course, is not a piece of paper or any form of external validation. It is our own embodied understanding of who we really are and how our experience of life gets created from the inside out.

We have the most wonderful job in the world. We find people in various stages of sleep. And then we get to tap them on the shoulder and be with them as they wake up to the full magnificence of life.
— Sydney Banks (1931-2009)

Applications for the Training Programme

Our next Facilitator Training in London will commence in October 2018. The attendance weekend dates are below:

London Weekend Dates 2018 - 19
Oct 20 - 21
Dec 1 - 2
Jan 19 - 20
Mar 9 - 10
May 4 - 5
Jun 22 - 23

Webinar Dates and details of individual mentoring sessions will be confirmed at the start of the training.

Once your application to join the training has been accepted, either full payment as below or a deposit payment will be required to secure your place. (Please note we are not currently registered for V.A.T., however we may be required to add V.A.T. to our rates later this year).

Earlybird Fee: £4750 if paid in full before 31st July 2018

Full Fee: £5200 (deposit of £700 + balance payable before the training commences)

Installment Fee: £5500 (deposit of £700 + 8 monthly payments of £600)

Please read the Terms and Conditions before submitting an application.

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Below you can hear some of our graduates share their experience of the Facilitator Training and how it has helped them in their life and their work