Around 10 million working days are lost in the U.K. each year due to stress, anxiety or depression. The annual cost to the U.K. economy is estimated to be £57 billion.

The most important asset in any organisation are its people, and their psychological and emotional well-being is now being recognised as the number one variable that impacts hugely upon -

  • How effectively each individual contributes to the whole
  • The synergy and performance level of teams
  • Levels of motivation, commitment and job satisfaction
  • Costs of absence, sick-leave and recruitment
  • Levels of efficiency and productivity
  • Customer service and satisfaction

Stress in the workplace is so common it is regarded as normal in many organisations, yet the fact remains that people struggling with chronic feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, low confidence or depression do not function nearly as well as those who enjoy peace of mind, healthy self-esteem and happiness.

In our one-day introductory Well-Being in the Workplace programme, we can teach your management and staff teams the simple principles that underpin psychological well-being and emotional resilience. Through gaining an understanding of how stressful feelings are created, your staff will learn how to feel calmer, less pressured, more engaged and happier no matter how challenging the work environment.

We can also create a bespoke training programme to help your organisation

  • Maintain a healthy, happy culture in which your staff can thrive
  • Move through a transition period with ease
  • Have leadership teams that truly lead by example
  • Reduce staff turnover and absenteeism

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