Feedback from Ian's One-Day Workshop 'The Key to Mental and Emotional Health'

Changing Lives - From Failure to Celebration
My Day with Ian Watson - by Frank Foley
I want to start with putting this as simply as possible: on 12th November 2016, I did a 3 Principles workshop with Ian Watson, and my life changed forever!
I'd go as far as to say, he saved my life. Not from suicide, but from the tyranny of my own thinking. My life used to be a disappointment of what it wasn't. Now it's a celebration of what it is.
What makes this change so incredible is that I wasn't even looking for it in the first place. Over years I'd become so deeply attached to seeing my life as an increasing set of failures that the possibility of peace, happiness, fulfillment, and, yes, even joy, was ridiculous.
Luckily, I have people who care for me, who having themselves worked with Ian, intuitively knew that he could help me see the illusion of this. Against my whining objections, they managed to get me to the class.
I've since written in depth about my experiences that day, about my initial dismissal of what was being said, and then my piqued interest, my resistance, my frustration, even my anger... And then my calming, my quietening, my listening from a different space, a space not of conflict, but of recognition and peace.
And, of course, throughout the day, there was Ian, standing there with this serene calmness, seemingly impervious to the onslaught of my questions and rebuttals and contradictions and counter-arguments and flat-out rejections. He was so .. so peaceful, so untouched by my resistance, and yet he exuded this overwhelming sense of ... compassion.

On that day, it made me furious. Now, I'm thankful. I can look back and see the conflict and what I now call the "resistance-to-life" that I was carrying around with me. I can see this, in part, because not only did Ian describe the 3 Principles to us - gently, neutrally without preaching - but because he was also a living example of the Principles in action. The world looked different to him, I could feel it. He seemed to occupy a different space; fully, in the moment. It was maddening!
Some weeks before Christmas I was explaining all this to a friend I hadn't seen for a while. He could see the difference in me, and asked about it. I gave him a much longer version of the above, and tried to quantify my reduced stress levels.
"If my underlying stress and frustration before that class jagged between 7 and 10," I said, "now it's down to a 3 on most days."
I thought about that 3 afterwards, and realised, as "low" as it was, it wasn't nearly low enough. My underlying stress and frustration, in truth, hovers below 1 on most days. But here's the thing: it's not because the circumstances of my life have changed, it's just that much of what I thought was stressful or a problem, just isn't any more. I can honestly say, I feel like I'm living in a different paradigm.
And all this happened to me from a one-day workshop with Ian. I sat in a room with him, he spoke about the 3 Principles, and something in my brain / spirit / soul / being (insert your favoured word!) shifted.
Before the 12th November 2016, I would never have thought that was possible.
Now I know it is.  
Thank you, Ian.


Three Principles Facilitator Training

Ian Watson is unique. He has the ability to point you to your deepest wisdom, articulate profound and intangible concepts clearly and give you enormous confidence whilst making it look effortless. In particular his gifts lie in seeing the innate wellbeing of whoever he is with, and deeply trusting the truth of the moment - both of which have changed my life. I have personally navigated challenging life changes this year and yet achieved a state of peace that I attribute to a deepening understanding from being on his Practitioner programme.

There is no dogma with Ian - there is only a gentle journey on a river, where all is allowed and you are deeply nurtured - and at some point you come home to yourself and in doing so you discover that you both understand and can teach the principles that create our human experience - in immensely practical ways. Ian Watson is the real deal, strong, gentle and profoundly impactful. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Elizabeth Lovius, Leadership Coach
If you are looking to deepen your understanding of the Three Principles then I highly recommend Ian Watson’s Facilitator Training. Sydney Banks would always point out that the Three Principles is not an intellectual understanding of words but an experience of truth in the moment that each human being receives in their own unique way. Truth is universal but it can only be experienced when we put ourselves in the space of allowing.

Ian’s personal life journey of seeking practical solutions and spiritual insight to the human condition makes him a perfect facilitator of the Three Principles understanding. I found it fascinating to observe both my own insights and those of the members of the group I was part of.

Many people get to the point of considering embarking on such a training but then the normal human insecure thoughts take over. I feel very grateful I simply knew I wanted to deepen my experience and signed up. The benefit to me and those around me is beyond words. I now know that I can do anything but also that I need do nothing. Life is an amazing journey and I am here to remember joy is my natural state and the cloudy sorrowful days always pass.
— Robert Barker
I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to Ian and Carol for the compassion, skill, inspiration, wisdom and understanding with which they held our journey on this year’s facilitator course. A series of synchronicities led me to choose this particular course to immerse myself in the 3 Principles understanding. I knew I had to do it. It was that clear and that simple!

My wisdom led me to the right teachers. Ian and Carol compliment each other so well - and they truly embody the 3P understanding - to the extent that the facilitation felt deeply energetic and multi-faceted. I can’t find adequate words to describe the whole experience, all I can say is that I would enrol every year if I could!

The depth of truth and sharing within our group was wonderful and I was impacted by each person’s wisdom at different points during my journey. Every experience of 3 P facilitation I have had so far just seems to become more and more meaningful and beautiful...heartfelt thanks to Sydney, Ian, Carol, and my group. I am truly following my bliss!

  Alex Waters, Swansea


     Michele Murphy, Dublin

The course is run very professionally in a relaxed manner, and I experienced it as fascinating, inspiring, fun, button- pushing at times but really enjoyable. I joined this course not to become a facilitator but to create more ease for myself, and there have been so many wonderful gifts for me this year.

I am now open to relating in a way of real love not a false love anymore .. such a beautiful gift. I feel more at ease and relaxed no matter what’s happening now as I know the situation will change much quicker and easier when I leave it alone. And flow is happening naturally more and more these days which means Im starting to live in that amazing place of trust a lot more.

Be careful, this training may just burst open your heart!
I can’t say exactly how it happened, but I know that what I experienced on the facilitator training has given me everything I need to share the Principles with the world.

Ian, Carol and Bernie are wonderful teachers who have that rare quality of totally embodying what they teach - you won’t find anyone better to guide you on this journey
— Matthew Halfin, London
The training was unlike any I have previously experienced - it was very relaxed, open, engaging, reflective, conducive to experiencing many insights and gaining greater clarity without the need for traditional instruction, teaching and learning methods. The emphasis on a more intuitive approach was both refreshing and enlightening.

Ian and Bernie were a great team and easy to engage with. Their openness, genuineness and light-hearted approach as facilitators made the programme a fun and memorable experience. It has shown me a new way to be in life - a recognition that I am not and never have been my thinking or the contents of my thinking. This has been liberating, dramatically simplifying life and taking the stress out of it all.
— Eoin McCabe, Dublin
I have seen a number of things changing in my life over the past year, both in my personal and professional life, and I realise my life can change completely.

The Three Principles have helped me to deal with this period of insecurity and deep inside, I have the comfortable feeling that things will be all right for me
— Jaromir Smetana, Czech Republic
Ian’s Three Principles training was absolutely life changing for me. He is a truly gifted teacher, his way of explaining the unexplainable is really quite something, the metaphors and stories he uses are always so memorable and engaging which really help you to learn the material on a very deep level.

I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone considering doing a course with Ian.
— Cassie Everett

Discovering a Deeper Wisdom Within Workshop with Ian Watson in Langley B.C. 2015

Wow! What a life-changing weekend. It’s taken me days to recalibrate my brain just to find the words to describe my experience! From the very palpable experience of feeling the ‘truth of who we are’ land in my body, to the emotional realization that we alone (innocently) create our own suffering, to the rising excitement I have been left with over the INFINITE possibilities that I now see exist in our lives to create anything and EVERYTHING, it’s been quite an amazing and insightful journey!

Like many others, I held an intellectual awareness of these principles but this went deeper; so much deeper and was experienced on a cellular level. Thank you Ian for, once again, being a brilliant change-agent in my life.

Krista Brown, Director of Wisteria Acres Wellness & Retreat Center -

By effectively conveying Sydney Banks’s Three Principles, Ian Watson enabled me to understand how the components of choice, mind, and thinking/feeling determine my experience.

The ensuing gifts? A reboot of my innate wellbeing, and a new found zeal for being solely responsible for every aspect that WAS, IS, and WILL BE this marvelous journey .... my life.
— Allyson Burden
I did not really know what to expect from my three principles weekend retreat but I came to it with an open mind. I knew I was unhappy with my thought patterns and that they were not serving me well. As I listened to Ian speak, something resonated with me. It was very subtle and if someone asked me what is was, I would not be able to answer.

Since coming home, I have noticed how strong I feel. I have a much deeper understanding of my thoughts and feelings and my sadness and worry seem to have vanished! Thank you so much Ian for sharing your knowledge of The Three Principles. This has truly been a life changing experience.

I actually had been on a higher dose blood pressure medicine and asked to be switched to a lower dose. Readings were good but when I switched over to a lower dosage, they went up and were consistently over 120/80. I thought I would have to go back on the higher dose medication but then I went on the three principles weekend. Now, my highest reading since has been 116/72 and lowest, 109/69. Hmmmmm!!! I am very happy about that.
— Jan Burgess

The Wisdom Within Retreat with Ian Watson in El Gouna Egypt 2015

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