Three principles-based consulting is unlike other forms of therapy or counseling in that there is no requirement to revisit painful memories or disclose personal, sensitive or emotionally-charged information. We emphazise what is right with you, not what is wrong with you, and help you to reconnect to the well-being and wisdom that lies hidden within.

Sessions may be used to regain & maintain mental & emotional well-being, for individual tuition in the Three Principles, coaching, mentoring or to gain insight into any other issue or life challenge.

Please Note: Due to current work commitments, individual sessions with Ian Watson are unavailable at the present time. If you would like to find a facilitator offering individual sessions, please consult the Facilitator Directory.

Individual Intensive Retreats

If you would like to experience a fundamental shift in some area of your life in a short time duration, we can arrange a customized 2 or 3-day intensive with Ian Watson for you in a location of your choice, ideally somewhere that is away from your usual work and home environment.

To arrange an intensive or if you have any questions,  email Ian or phone +44-(0)208 819 1494