I have worked in the field of wellbeing and personal transformation since 1988. I began my journey studying and practicing various forms of natural medicine and in 1993 I founded The Lakeland College which provided a professional training in homeopathy and related natural healing modalities.

In 2003 I retired from the college to pursue my growing interest in psychological and emotional health. This led me to study a wide variety of methods and techniques to help people heal emotionally and transform their lives. These included Journey Process Work, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Jungian psychology, Shen physio-emotional release therapy, Hakomi technique and Byron Katie process work.

Although I found all of these techniques helpful, the results were inconsistent and not always sustainable. I began to realise that working on people’s issues and problems was an endless pursuit that often involved revisiting painful memories and early traumas.

Having worked with many thousands of individuals over the years, it became clear to me that whilst our outer goals may differ, we are all seeking essentially the same things on the inside. Peace of mind. Harmonious relationships. Meaningful work. Security. Freedom. Love. Happiness.

As the orientation of my work began to shift away from ‘what is wrong’ and towards ‘what is already okay’, I found that loving presence and self-acceptance were powerful healing agents in and of themselves.

In 2011 I was introduced to the Three Principles understanding and found in the work of Sydney Banks a deep resonance with what I already knew to be true. Wellbeing is a constant within every human being, but due to the way our experience gets created it can often appear to be lost or diminished. Gaining insight into how this works the same for everyone brings about effortless transformation and truly sustainable change.

Since learning the principles my work has become simpler and yet more deeply impactful. I no longer use techniques as I realised there is no actual requirement to work on issue and problems. If we learn how to create the space for insight and to listen to our own inner wisdom, it provides all the guidance we could ever need to live a happier and healthier life.

I am thrilled to be able to share this simple understanding with you as I know it will be transformational in your life just as it has been in mine. Whether you are interested in learning for your own benefit, or to transform your work with others, I would love to hear from you.

Ian Watson
London, 2019