What are The Three Principles?
The term Three Principles refers to the innate gifts of Mind, Thought and Consciousness which every human being uses to generate their experience of life from one moment to the next. The principles provide a universal blueprint for understanding how and why life appears to be the way it is for each of us, and that understanding in itself transforms the way we experience life.

Although the truth underlying these principles has been spoken of by many wise teachers throughout the ages, it was an ordinary working man named Sydney Banks (1931 - 2009) who, via an extraordinary insight into the nature of his own experience, was able to describe what he had realized in an accessible way that could be grasped by anyone.

These principles operate behind the scenes of our everyday experience, and an appreciation of how they function fosters what is commonly called an 'inside-out' understanding of life. To understand life in this way is to realize that your entire experience of life is being created from within you, despite all appearances to the contrary.

How is it Helpful to Learn about the Principles?
The principles shine a light on our own true nature, and have enabled many thousands of people worldwide to free themselves from a life of insecurity, struggle, addictive and destructive behaviour patterns, relationship difficulties and a whole spectrum of psychological and emotional problems.

These remarkable benefits, and many more besides, occur quite naturally as a result of seeing how these universal faculties are functioning within all of us. The simple realization of the nature of the principles brings forth the innate wisdom, creativity and psychological health that resides within everyone.

As our minds get calmer and clearer, virtually every indicator of human well-being shows an improvement, from self-confidence and communication to resilience and performance at work. Relationships become easier. Physical health improves as we learn to attune to our inbuilt body-wisdom. We stop being so driven by conditioned ideas of what we think we should be doing, ought to do or have to do, and begin to discover and live from what we are truly capable of.

Isn't this the same as Mindfulness or similar teachings?
The wisdom teachings throughout the ages have agreed upon one basic fact: what we are looking for is already inside us. Peace of mind, clarity, wisdom, compassion, happiness and fulfillment in life are not to be found by external means, for they are innate human qualities that emerge by themselves when we are in alignment with our essential nature.

Whilst many great teachers have realized this fact for themselves, very few have managed to communicate it to others in such a way that they, too, could have a similarly life-changing realization. As a result, what starts out as a simple, direct and spontaneous insight for one person frequently turns into an increasingly complicated and never-ending series of practices and techniques for everyone else.

The principles, by contrast, continue to be a straightforward and accessible approach that remains refreshingly free of dogma. For those who are struggling in life, they bring the hope and real possibility that sustainable change can occur, no matter how difficult things have been. For those who are already doing well in life, they awaken creativity, increase resilience, unleash hidden potential and bring forth a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life.

One major difference is that there is no requirement to practice any kind of technique, or to believe in anything in order to experience the benefits of learning these principles. Just like gravity or electricity, these are natural forces that work impartially for everyone - the only variable is our own degree of awareness as to how they operate. The deeper we realize how the principles function within us, the more we experience being in the flow of life. It's that simple.

What is Innate Health?
The term innate health refers to the intrinsic well-being and resilience that resides within every person, regardless of their past experience, current life circumstances and presenting psychological, emotional and physical state.

An understanding of the principles brings forth the psychological health and peace of mind that lies behind every kind of emotional turmoil on the surface. This understanding is revolutionizing the field of psychology, gently moving the focus away from 'fixing what is broken' and showing what is possible when we help people re-discover the well-being that already exists within them.

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