Knowing Where to Look

If somebody you trusted told you with absolute certainty that there was buried treasure to be found somewhere in your neighbourhood, what would you do? 

Would you go out and start digging here, there and everywhere in the hope that you would 'get lucky'?

Or would you do some research first, ask a lot of questions and try to narrow down the search area with a view to increasing your chances of striking gold?

What if you had tried both of these tactics, and still no treasure. Would you give up at this point? Maybe you would, but at the back of your mind you would still be wondering..... 

Supposing one day, when you had long since forgotten about that silly buried treasure story, you stumbled upon a map. And it was a map of your neighbourhood. And there was a big, red X showing the precise location of some hidden treasure. And within moments of scratching away the surface at the indicated place - there it was! 

Now it's quite possible that you were amazed at just how close you were to that treasure for all those years.... you were virtually sitting on top of it every day of your life, only you didn't realize it. 

And you might get reflective about how easy it was to find the treasure, once you knew where to look. Without the map, your only option was to keep digging and hope to 'get lucky'. But with the map, there was very little digging to be done, and luck was no longer something you had to rely upon at all.

The Three Principles understanding is the psychological equivalent of having the secret map that is every treasure-hunter's dream. It doesn't tell you what to think or how to live your life. What it does tell you is where to look - it literally directs you to the source of your own experience. From this vantage point, you'll know exactly where it's worthwhile doing some digging, and you'll appear to 'get lucky' on a regular basis!

If you'd like to save yourself some unnecessary excavation, and have the treasure map of wisdom guide you instead of relying on good fortune, I'd love to hear from you!