An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Everything begins with an idea, and who can say where an idea comes from? All we know for certain is that when an idea occurs to us, we can either ignore it or we can give it further consideration and perhaps decide to act upon it. 

Knowing which ideas to ignore and which ones to act upon is a very useful thing to know. If you're anything like me, you will have at least as many silly ideas as you'll have good ones, and you can waste an awful amount of time and energy if you entertain all of them equally.

One thing I've learned to pay attention to is the feeling that comes with an idea, and it has been a reliable indicator of what to pursue and what to ignore. Essentially, the best ideas have always 'felt right' to me, even if they didn't seem entirely reasonable, sensible or even possible at the time.

When an idea really catches you, when you feel inspired and energized by a new possibility that just occurred to you - those are the ideas to pay attention to. These kinds of ideas tend to be persistent as well, refusing to go away even after you have convinced yourself that the idea is silly or unattainable.

When I had the idea to create a Facilitator Training Programme that would serve as a vehicle for supporting people in aligning their professional life with the Three Principles understanding, I could see what a positive impact this might have on people's lives, but I didn't yet know if anyone else could see it.

It seemed like a crazy idea in many respects, but it was an idea that inspired me and felt right, and it refused to go away. Now we run regular training programmes at The Insight Space and we look forward to another group coming together for their first weekend on February 27th

It's exciting to catch an idea that inspires you and to follow it through all the way, even though you can't yet see where it may lead. Even more exciting is to stumble upon an idea whose time has come, an idea that inspires and uplifts a whole cross-section of humanity at the same time. The Three Principles is such an idea, and it is a privilege to be able to share it with others.