How to Make Apple Pie

The astronomer Carl Sagan once said that if you want to make apple pie from scratch, first you'll need to invent the entire universe. I like that quote, because it alters your perspective and points you back in the direction of what comes first in the scheme of things.

Seeing how the three principles of mind, thought and consciousness operate behind the scenes of our everyday existence has a similar effect on our psyche, re-orienting us away from the end results of our creative activity and towards the source from which it all springs.

We cannot help but notice that our feelings and moods change like the weather, and with them our behaviours, relationships, stress levels and a whole host of 'performance indicators' go up and down accordingly.

While it is tempting to dive in and try to change, fix or improve ourselves and our life experience, if we don't see where it is actually arising from we have a never-ending project on our hands. In medical terms, we are trying to eliminate the symptoms without a true understanding of the underlying cause.

What the principles help us to see is that our own creative power extends all the way back beyond what we can see and feel, and there is a direct link connecting our local experience to the infinite intelligence behind all of life. 

That link is the power of thought, and we can use it blindly and suffer the consequences, or we can learn the principles behind its operation and create a very different life experience for ourselves.