Returning to the Source

It still blows my mind to consider that every single one of the thousands of different varieties of psychological and emotional experience that exist for us are all being generated in exactly the same way. 

Just as we see in the natural world the same life force energy giving rise to an infinite variety of plant and animal species, so it is in our interior world. That singular creative power produces any and every possible kind of thought which we can, through the gift of consciousness, experience as a living, sensory, full-blown virtual reality. 

Because the creative power itself is invisible, it's the resulting creations that catch our attention. We feel good or bad, happy or sad, and we react accordingly. If we like the feeling, we try to hang onto it and feel it again. If we don't like it, we try to make it go away and hope we can avoid it in the future. 

What we don't realize is that every feeling is just a temporary thought-creation which, if left to its own devices, will dissolve back into the nothingness from which it came. The essence of who you are is undisturbed by this constant stream of momentary comings and goings, just as the sun is equally unaffected by a storm cloud or a rainbow. 

In my work I find that it's a huge relief for people to discover that they are fundamentally okay regardless of what they happen to be feeling in the moment. Recognizing this fact, and seeing how all feelings get created in exactly the same way restores your equanimity and puts you in accord with the way things naturally are. 

When you're no longer struggling against your own experience, you're free to enjoy the flow of life with its rich diversity of both inner and outer forms that makes the human experience such an incredible expression of the one creative power. 

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