The Power of Resilience

One of the most valuable things we can gain from an understanding of the Three Principles is an awareness of how resilient we humans really are. We have all suffered traumas, endured difficulties and at times wondered if we would ever make it through to the other side. 

And we have all had the experience of getting over whatever it was that seemed insurmountable at the time. Often without realising it, and in a seemingly random manner, we suddenly find that we have let something go, moved on in life and found a new sense of meaning and purpose. Except when we don't! 

And this is where an understanding of the principles that operate behind our daily experience is so helpful. It shows us how we get over things when we do, and it also shows us why we continue to struggle with other things, despite our best efforts to let them go.

Even more importantly, we learn that everyone has the capacity to bounce back and have a fresh start in life, and that this capacity cannot be lost. The ability to recover and reorient ourselves is built into the human psyche, no matter what we have been through or how long we have been struggling. 

The gift of the principles is that by revealing the depth of resilience we have available to us, we are automatically enabled to make greater use of it. And through understanding how we get 'stuck' in life, and how it is that we can recover, we quickly get used to a whole new level of well-being that we never knew was possible for us.