A Deeper Intelligence

It's funny how a new understanding seems totally obvious once you have seen it, yet the same understanding would have struck you as irrelevant or even ridiculous just a few minutes earlier.

In my homeopathic work years ago, I always enjoyed the moment when someone would wake up to the fact that there was this unlimited self-healing potential within all of us that could be activated in an instant with the help of an appropriate remedy. 

To anyone who has not yet seen this fact for themselves, it seems far-fetched and highly improbable, especially given the non-material basis of homeopathic potencies. Once realized however, it becomes not only possible but entirely self-evident, requiring no external proof or validation.

People who haven't yet understood homeopathy think that it has to be believed in order to work. What we forget is that once you really know something through your own experience, there is no requirement or necessity to believe in it. Nobody would expect you to believe in electricity in order to make your appliances work!

The capacity to experience an insight, when we suddenly see something that was literally invisible to us previously, is something that all humans share. It is also something that almost all of us fail to appreciate the significance of.

The very nature of insightful understanding is both mysterious and elusive. How can it be that we are blind to something for twenty years and yet potentially we can see it in any moment? And when we do see it, what we have just seen can change our life forever? And the actual seeing of it took literally an instant - it didn't take months or years of study or analysis. 

Insight is what transforms our consciousness. And this, in turn, is what changes our life for the better. You can give the best advice in the world to someone who is struggling in life, but until they see a new possibility for themselves, your advice will fall on deaf ears and will not be helpful. 

In fact, it is often less than helpful to give advice because whenever we tell others what they should do, we are reinforcing the false idea that they don't have access to their own wisdom. And this is never true.

There's a deeper intelligence behind life that is available to all of us. Do you think that having that deeper intelligence more fully available to you, informing your decisions, inspiring your creative projects and infusing your relationships might affect the way you experience life? I'd love you to find out for yourself!

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