Going With the Flow

I hope the new year brings a renewed sense of ease and possibility into your life. Contrary to popular belief here in the northern hemisphere, the winter months don't have to be a time that is associated with gloom and doom in the minds of many.

While it is true that in nature the daylight hours are short and the visible signs of growth are thin on the ground, we can rest assured that in the invisible realm, a period of quiet incubation is unfolding perfectly in readiness for the creative outburst yet to come.

And so it is in our own lives that we encounter periods of relative inactivity, when it seems as if there isn't the energy or the inclination to get things done, or the effort-to-reward ratio feels a little less favourable than usual.

If we allow ourselves a bit of time for reflection, rest and recharging our batteries, we can spring back into life more quickly than if we keep pushing ourselves to keep busy or berating ourselves for what we haven't managed to achieve. 

Going with the flow means shooting the rapids when the energy is fast and furious, but it also means drifting aimlessly for a while when the current is weak and the air is still.