The Thought-Feeling Connection

You will know from your own experience that on a 'good day', when you feel happy and inspired, you can achieve a huge amount with a minimum of effort. You plough through your list of jobs with ease and still have time to relax and socialize with your family and friends.

On a not so good day, your skill level is exactly the same but your performance and enjoyment levels can change dramatically. You look at your list of jobs, and you feel overwhelmed by the enormity and pressure of it all. You procrastinate and make excuses, creating mountains out of molehills. You distract yourself with trivialities and seem unable to complete anything. You end up feeling tired and disheartened, and the mood stays with you and spoils your evening if you're not careful.

When we have a 'bad day' like this, we tend to look for external reasons why it happened, such as the weather, the influence of other people, our work or home environment, etc. What we forget is that none of those things will disturb us when we're feeling good on the inside. The invisible yet powerful influence that we cannot easily see, but we definitely feel the effects of, is our own thinking.

Thought and feeling are like two sides of the same coin, and they always correspond to each other. It is simply not possible to have inspiring, happy, uplifting thoughts and to be feeling sad, lonely and depressed at the same time. Similarly, it is not possible to be thinking of yourself as a failure or a victim of life and to be simultaneously feeling happy, fulfilled and grateful to be alive.

Anyone who recognizes the unbreakable link between thought and feeling has an immediate and lasting advantage in life which is unavailable to someone who has not yet made that connection. The reason is that you begin to see how your sense of well-being and happiness, your creative and problem-solving abilities, your performance level, communication skills and many other attributes are all being determined by something that is happening on the inside, rather than outside of you.

This is a powerful thing to see, because you will automatically start to align yourself with more positive and life-enhancing ways of being, just as you will automatically start to move away from patterns of negativity and self-sabotage. If you haven't yet realized that your hand is sore because you keep putting it in the fire, you will innocently keep burning yourself over and over again. But once you make the connection, your own common-sense will tell you that keeping your hand out of the fire makes life a lot less painful.

Seeing the thought-feeling connection for yourself is a key aspect of the Three Principles understanding that I share in my workshops and trainings. It might not seem like much, but you'll be amazed at the difference it can make to your life experience.