Insight: The Hidden Treasure

Do you recognise that feeling you have when you just know that you are onto something good? 

That moment when your head clears and you see beyond what you thought was possible just a moment earlier? 

The relief you experience when you realize that everything is going to be just fine, despite your mind's best efforts to convince you otherwise?

We call this insight, and it comes in many different flavours. And really, it doesn't seem like anything to get too excited about. 

But consider this. 

Insight is what changes people. It brings an end to suffering and a change of heart. It creates a new perspective on life. It exposes the lie and reveals the truth. 

Insight restores hope and extinguishes despair. It fosters resilience. It puts you back in touch with your innate wisdom and intelligence. It enables you to forgive and forget. 

If you look back on any of the significant moments in your life, those moments when you broke through to a new level of understanding and awareness, you will see that insight was the catalyst for everything that followed.

Learning to see the value of insight, and recognizing that the capacity for insight exists within every human being without exception reveals the hidden treasure you have at your disposal.