The Familiar Truth

To many of us, The Three Principles paradigm at first sounds like something deeply familiar, and it is tempting to conclude 'I already know this' and to put our interest somewhere else.

What we often forget is the crucial difference between knowing something as an interesting concept, and realizing it experientially via an insight.

We are all capable of having those 'ah-ha' moments of realization when we suddenly see a possibility that we couldn't see a moment ago, but we often get caught up in a need to figure things out intellectually.

Insight (literally 'a sight from within') is what changes people's lives. Until we see for ourselves what we could be doing differently, no advice or technique will bring about a lasting change. 

Once a realisation occurs to us, no advice or technique is necessary, because we discover that the answers we needed were inside of us already.

Reconnecting to the source of that deeper wisdom that we all have access to brings about a freedom from insecurity and stress and puts us back into the flow of life without any need for struggle or effort on our part.